Pixi Cosmetics and Disney’s PixiGlow — Get Tinkerbell’s Look!

Inspired by Disney’s most iconic fairy, Pixi cosmetics has recently unveiled a unique collaboration with Disney to launch its new PixiGlow collection.

Drawing inspiration from Tinker Bell’s ever youthful and illuminating beauty, PixiGlow tells the story of a grown-up version of this charming, playful, ageless pixie and her enchanted world.

The collection took shape as Petra Strand, makeup artist and Pixi creator, worked with Disney character artist, John Quinn, to re-imagine the Tinker Bell of fond childhood memories into a classic, vintage-inspired, beaming beauty.

The PixiGlow extension line offers that final sprinkle of twinkle for eyes, lips and cheeks, allowing women to turn an ordinary look into an extraordinary one while celebrating every day with a touch of magic.

“In collaboration with Disney, we created a unique Tinker Bell collection that captures the fresh-faced, glowing, and timeless beauty of both a Disney icon and the Pixi brand by reinforcing that makeup simply enhances and perfects your natural look,” says Strand.

Pixi Catching Shadows Crayon

I tried the Catching Shadows Crayon ($18 USD) in Beaming Reflection.  Dance with the light & catch those shadows with this beaming cream-to-powder eye crayon. Light reflecting pigments play with the shade, defining and highlighting, bringing out the natural beauty in eyes like never before.

What I think:  This is a pretty neutral shimmer shadow that can be used as a lid shadow, highlighter, or smear it all over your lids for a pretty, daytime shimmer.

Pixi Fairy Dust

I gave Fairy Dust ($14 USD) in Moonlight Shimmer to my teenage daughter because it was a bit too glittery for me.  But it is perfect for her!  You can use the loose pigments at the inner corner of the eye or under the brow bone for subtle shimmer or apply them to the upper and lower lash lines for sparkly drama!

There are other cool products in the collection that I would like to try — like a deep golden green eyeliner and a pink lip balm that reacts to the wearers ph levels and supposedly delivers a personal color.  Fun.  Also, the Fairy Face Palette looks gorgeous — pretty colors!

The PixiGlow collection is available at a Target store near you!  Enjoy!

Target Beauty Brings Great Holiday Makeup Kits

I think it is fabulous that Target brings quality makeup from touted makeup artists at such an affordable price. You can purchase beautiful gifts for as low as $9.99.

Here are the latest holiday offerings by Pixi, NP Set and JK Jemma Kidd:

Get glowing in an instant with skin nourishing, shimmering shades from the guru of the flawless, dewy glow – Petra Strand.  Winter Wakeup Eyes sets deliver an eye-catching variety of shadow shades, while Pixi Essentials delivers all of the Pixi favorites in a party-ready clutch.  Winter Wakeup Eyes available in No 1 Bright and Light and No 2 Shade and Shape ($9.99 each) Pixi Essentials ($28).

ACHIEVE ON THE GO GLAM WITH JK JEMMA KIDD: Makeup maven Jemma Kidd knows how to look runway-ready without breaking the bank.  Kick off the party season in true JK style with pocket-sized versions of her makeup must-haves that are ideal for stuffing fashionable stockings. Kits include Air Kiss Duo ($9.99), Signature Shadows Palette ($9.99) and Signature Kit ($26).

No matter the holiday look, Australian makeup maestro Napoleon Perdis has eyes covered, with two palettes packed with gorgeous shades to deliver looks from subtly sweet to dramatic and sultry. Palettes include Smoke Signal Palette ($9.99) and New Neutrals Palette ($9.99).

Visit Target stores and www.target.com to purchase. Enjoy!

Scrub Your Cares Away With Soap & Glory

Soap & Glory Peaches & Clean Shower Gel
Soap & Glory Peaches & Clean Shower Gel

Body scrubs are a luxurious necessity in the winter time. Scrubbing dry skin off (plus drinking lots of water) is a great way to have dewy skin when the weather is dry.  And Kansas City is very dry and cold right now!

Soap & Glory Peaches & Clean Shower Gel ($9.99 USD at Target) makes your skin smooth and smells wonderful. My 9 year old daughter helped me identify what the scent reminds me of: peach ice tea. Yum!

This scrub contains peach extract, pineapple extract, grapeseed powder, buffing beads and fruit acid smoothers. Its a gel consistency with the beads for exfoliation so it is not harsh at all. The directions say to use once or twice a week, but I’ve been using it every other day and my skin is very soft!

Don’t forget to exfoliate this winter! And maybe try this great scrub, too.

My Christmas Wish List Part 2 — Cosmetic Kits

For my second beauty wish, I would love a make-up kit. ANY make-up kit. I love the variety that a case with many colors and products bring. And of course, I love trying new things (hence this blog).

Sephora and Ulta top my list for great places to find fun holiday kits. Companies such as Too Faced, Smashbox, Nars, Urban Decay plus the Ulta and Sephora brands all have kits-a-plenty. Another great place is Target, which now has the Pixi, JK Jemma Kidd and NP Set lines as well as Sonia Kashuk and Boots No. 7.

The fabulous Too Faced World Domination All Access Backstage Beauty Collection’s price has just dropped from $42.00 to 34.00. This is a cute jewelery box that plays The Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy while a very stylish little doll twirls around. It contains eight eye shadows, Duo Bronzer, Face Illuminator,  six lip glosses, brow powder, eyeliner cake, and blush.

For lovely lips, Stila’s Shine On Gift of Glaze includes six glosses. The colors are; Vanilla (pearly nude),  Brown Sugar (shimmering golden nude), Raisin (shimmering golden plum), Grapefruit (frosted pink), Apricot (melon nectarine), and Gumdrop (vibrant pink). These glosses are very conditioning and not too sticky, which is very nice!

Finally, as I really love Petra Strand’s Pixi line, I love the Pixi Must Have Kit. This comes in a deluxe wallet and carries a compact of 2 lustrous eye shadows, 2 creamy lip colors, a brightening blush and 4 mini brushes. The colors I saw were cool pinks.

So keep your eyes peeled at the stores you like to shop for cosmetics; I’m sure you will find a fun kit that you would love to give and receive!

Pixi Revisited

I was walking through the cosmetics aisle at Target yesterday, and I glanced at myself in a mirror. I realized that I had forgotten make-up; I was completely bare-faced. I. forgot. makeup. Oh my.

So I quickly ran to the Pixi display because they have full testers out. I am naturally drawn to Pixi because of the colors and the packaging. It is very pretty.

I first dipped my fingers in the Flawless Vitamin Veil in Fair. It is a creamy foundation that contains Vitamin E. I used it as both concealer and foundation. This foundation feels a bit greasy, so I would not recommend this to ladies with oily skin. It covers very well, though. It even camouflaged my dark under eye circles.

I then applied the Energy Blush in Golden Energy. This little kit contains a highlighter and blush and comes in four color combinations; Golden Energy, Pretty Petal, Pick-Me-Up Pink and Naturally Sunny. I blended the colors together with the included brush and blended it on my cheekbones and forehead. This gave me a subtle glow.

For a dramatic twist, I also tried Pixi’s Lid & Line in Smoky Olive. This cool little tube holds an inky powder with a sponge applicator in one end and a creamy liner in the other. This made a nice smoky eye and in the olive color it worked for daytime. The other colors are; Smoky Black, Smoky Blue, Smoky Mink, Smoky Bronze and Smoky Plum.         

Almost everything I’ve tried from Petra Strand’s Pixi Line has worked for me. I would highly recommend that you try it out. And, I walked out of Target looking better than I did when I walked in, so that’s a pretty good endorsement!

New Beauty Products at Target Part 3 – JK Jemma Kidd

JK Jemma Kidd Front Cover Touch-Up Concealer


Possibly the most glamorous of the three new make-up lines at Target is JK Jemma Kidd. The pink and black packaging lends an old Hollywood feel to the products. The colors are very glamorous as well. There are lots of light, shimmering lip glosses as well as deeper lipsticks — which is the trend this fall. Also, there are many different eye shadows to choose from, including deep brights and soft neutrals. Kidd refers to the line as “catwalk-chic” and that’s a good description, I think.

The item that I really enjoyed is the JK Front Cover Touch-Up Concealer. I’m always on the look out for a great concealer with a little glow to it to camouflage my dark under eye circles. This one features Vitamin E to smooth and moisturize the under eye area. I also like the brush applicator that with a couple of clicks, enough product is distributed to be brushed on as needed.


JK Jemma Kidd Lip ID Color Adapt Lip Gloss

Another item that interests me is one that it not yet for sale. This is the JK Lip ID Color-Adapt Lip Gloss. Like the Smashbox O-Gloss, this product claims that it “reacts to natural lip PH for a completely individual, perfect color match” and that it is “non-tacky and hydrating; glides on transparent and colors lips naturally”.

As soon as this product becomes available (in 2-6 weeks according to the Target website) I will try it out. I like the Smashbox product okay, but the color is a little too neon pink for me. I am hoping that this color is more natural.

I hope you all enjoyed my breif forray into Target’s new make-up lines. I will be reviewing products more in depth in the future, so keep reading!!!

New Beauty Products at Target Part 2 – NP Set by Napoleon Perdis

NP Set Pasarella Mascara

Another intriguing new line at Target is NP Set by Napoleon Perdis — Australia’s makeup guru. Perdis had said that his new line is “dedicated to effortless glamour”. Inspecting the display of white and black sleek products, my first impulse is to agree with him.

I only tried a few items of this line. Some of the stand outs are the Concealer Look which gives amazing cover for my dark under eye circles and the Loose Dust Duo eye shadow that has a double ended wand, one end with a darker shade, one end with a nice highlighting shade. There are ten shade combinations for this product, so you can surely find colors you like.

The item I was most impressed with is the Pasarella Mascara. This is a conditioning, volumizing mascara that contains beeswax. It plumped up my paltry lashes and didn’t smear all day. That’s a good mascara! And for $15.00 not a bad price for a higher end product.

NP Set Lip Stain and Plumper

Although I like this line, one item I tried left me cold — actually it left my lips burning and they are still red today! That is the Lip Stain and Plumper. Wow, I did not care for this product. This comes in two shades, Moon Pink and Star Coral. Both shades are very bright and candy-colored. I don’t wear either shades, so I picked the coral one because I thought it might look okay on me. It didn’t. Besides the unflattering color, this product does not apply evenly, sitting in globs on my lips and oh did it BURN! And, unfortunately, my lips didn’t show any plump for the pain. It’s been almost three days since I tried it and my lips are still sore. This is one craptastic product. Save the $15.00 that this will cost you and buy the mascara instead!